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Photo documentary

We've experienced it first hand, it's often said that photos are what's left and it's true!

Do you remember the taste of the caterer at your cousin's wedding two years ago? If so, hats off!

We don't even remember what we ate yesterday :).


After this very emotional day, we can sometimes be overwhelmed by the events.  The day passes at a crazy speed, we don't have time to see everything and we float a little on a cloud which fogs our mind. If we add the buddies who promise you to serve you "just one" glass and the turn is played! You wake up with a hangover and you don't know what happened to you the day before ^^.

You still remember most of it but at breakfast you hear some funny stories about you or your guests that you didn't see because you were kissing your darling.


Don't worry!  We got your Back ! We followed you everywhere during this crazy day and our memory cards are filled with your memories! Whether it's the little moments, the decoration, the first look with your buddy Matthieu as a T-Rex or the little tear you shed when you never cry. Everything is there!


So you can illustrate your anecdotes to your children and even grandchildren when the time comes, share these moments with your guests or simply enjoy them as lovers!



Video reportage

Because the photos are devoid of sounds, words, laughter and applause we suggest you to immortalize this day also in video! Uncle Robert filming with his old camcorder to please you is good but you know in advance that you will be very small on the video and especially he will not enjoy the day ! 


Promise you will forget us. The look plunged in the one of your beloved, we will capture for you this intense and magic moment, as if you were in a movie. Today you are the Star !

We are very careful to make ourselves as discreet as possible so that you can live this moment as if you were alone in the world. We will also take care to record your wishes so that you can see and hear the voice of the other as much as you need!


Because life is unpredictable and having memories of your loved ones, seeing them in motion and being able to hear them is priceless. Whether it's for the moments on the couch together or the more difficult moments, video is a complementary medium to photography and is no less important!


P.S: For more fun we suggest you to be two filmmakers to follow each of you in the preparations, film the ceremony while one of us is playing with the drone, or even film the silly things your guests do while you play the model during the couple session! ( available on request )


Behind the scenes
of a real wedding!




Photo or Video

+ The Love Session:   this is not what you think !

We are not going to take you to shoot a naughty movie in the woods!

It's more like an engagement session / photo shoot of your couple in your image that will allow you to meet us and get used to the lens but also to prepare a ''Save the date''.

A Save the date is an invitation that you can send to your guests before the real announcement to simply inform them that he/she has asked you to marry and prepare them to reserve your date! 

You can then illustrate it with one or several photos of this shooting in order to shout your joy on all the roofs of the world!


Idea: You can choose a paper support / invitation card, a fridge magnet, a website / newsletter

or even a video !!! Don't hesitate to ask us, we would be happy to assist you!


The Love Session can be done anywhere and no need to wait until you are married!

You can even ask to offer one to your loved ones!

+ The Day After: Long live the bride and groom! Let's go ! Let's toast to your love!

Now that most of it is over, you want to enjoy a cool brunch with your loved ones and keep some memories too? No worries, we're still here! We can also take the opportunity to take some couple pictures in a different place from what was done the day before! If you are one of the brave people (and I'm sure you are!) we can even dare to make a  '' Trash the dress ''.

+ The Trash the Dress or  Trash the Suit,  it all depends on how you are dressed!

It is a discipline for those who are a little ''wild''. It consists in putting back your wedding clothes, the day after your big day or a day that you will have chosen in order to make surprising, creative and experimental photos with your couple (or with your guests).

You know that you will never wear your outfit again. So come and jump in the pool in your wedding clothes, throw some colored powder 

So come jump in the pool in your wedding outfit, throw some colorful powder or surf/skate/whatever activity you want to do in your wedding outfit! We're with you 1000000%.

Know that depending on what you want to do with your outfit, there are chances that it will be unrecoverable afterwards.

But believe me, you'll have the time of your life and you'll have crazy pictures to keep and share!

+ EVJF / EVG:  " Hey ppssstt '' Are you the best man of what's-his-name?  You have planned surprises at 3am, let us know in advance so that we can make all the necessary arrangements to immortalize the surprise of their lives! Know that we are also available to follow you during the day if you have planned activities from morning to evening!

+ Wedding proposal:  That's it?!

You're going to take your courage in both hands and ask her/him if she/he would like to spend the rest of eternity with you? 

You should know that we have mastered the "Ninja" mode. Our cameras modulate to become very small and if we hide in the bushes or pretend to be tourists no one will notice that we are actually capturing that once in a lifetime moment!

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